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Custom software project for Solarlux


Our client specializes in manufacture of bi-folding glass doors, wintergardens and façade solutions . Size: 1000+ employees. Branches: Germany and The Netherlands Their clients: worldwide. Technologies: Docker, Java/Spring, OAuth2 Security, Angular 2/ TypeScript.


Solarlux was dealing with the lack of highly skilled developers they needed to complete their team of top professionals working on the company’s platforms. The lack of talented resources was creating difficulties in terms of meeting the time to market goal.


The joint team of Solarlux and SHE started migrating from obsolete to new, modern, state of the art solutions, based on microservices architecture, security integration, authentication, authorization, scalable solutions like Docker. The team worked together on redesigning the architecture and starting the migration from huge monolithic to a microservices architecture. A product development extension was also put in place, with new features, improved performance of the system and continuous integration and delivery.


The joint team of Solarlux and SHE achieved a sales increase on the client’s base side, based on statistics created by running analytics engines on the data provided by the applications developed by the team. The digitization in Customer Experience was accomplished by developing new applications every 2 to 6 months, all while reducing the development costs by 46% from 2016 to 2017, for a team of 3 developers. The communication improved significantly after investing in the team product Owner role, who is a certified SCRUM Product Owner and plays the role inside the team.