Software outsourcing to Romania can improve your business

In 2012, we were the 1st company in Romania to introduce Out-branching , a new outsourcing model that completely changed our clients' perspective on partnership. They told us they realized this was their first REAL partnership in software outsourcing.



With us, you're able to choose what works best for you and your company. This is what partnership is all about.


Project based

The project-based approach is the recommended option for companies that need one-off or pilot projects. The scope and requirements of the project need to be well defined and documented. This means that deliverables, costs, and deadlines are clearly illustrated. You pay a fixed price for the complete project, the cost of which has been estimated based on the specifications provided by you. Within the frame of such projects, we use a phased approach that includes scoping, development, implementation, and support.

Dedicated teams

This approach is similar to the time and materials, the main difference between the two being the fact the in the time and materials model an engineer can work part time for one customer and part time for another, while in a dedicated team approach all the engineers in the team are fully allocated to one customer. The time and materials approach is suited for engagements where resource allocation cannot be forecasted precisely and/or full time employees are not necessary, while with dedicated teams the allocation is usually agreed for long periods of time.

Time & Material

The time and material approach is recommended in cases when scope, specification, and implementation requirements cannot be clearly defined at the beginning of the project. Under this model, the customer pays the agreed hourly price for the efforts of our developers and project managers. For this particular model, we build project teams and provide equipment and infrastructure in accordance with project requirements.



For short and medium term projects, we are focused on delivering quality on time and within budget. We work on all the three classic outsourcing models with equal enthusiasm. Here's how it works:


Time & Material
price/hour of development/testing/support
dedicated resources, so the client can dynamically redirect the resources at will
keep refining the work product
unlimited scope; anything a client requests will be done
it is our responsibility to deal with resources, taxes, administration issues etc
timesheet with sufficient detail to satisfy clients that the hours were spent diligently
substantial involvement of the customer throughout the project
agile SCRUM ensures the high level of process quality
Project based
price/project, based on specifications and estimations
developers assigned to project, no dedicated resources
a fixed fee for a fixed scope
anything that is not specifically called out in the scope will cost extra
it is our responsibility to deal with resources, taxes, administration issues etc
project delivered on time, budget and resources
no involvement needed for the customer
agile SCRUM ensures the high level of process quality

Some of your benefits when working with us

Access to highly qualified resources


Competitive costs

Business ethics

Sophisticated technology know-how

Same culture and legislation

High retention rate

Development research center

Linguistic skills

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