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If you seek a reliable partner that focuses on quality and transparency in all the development and communication processes, you are in the right place. Our team of software developers has extensive experience in web application development for a variety of industry sectors and areas of applications, such as financial, chemical, food, travel, data analysis, administration and legal, manufacturing, energy management, healthcare and business intelligence.

Keeping the pace with the latest technologies is one of our main concerns, along with working with agile methodologies. We are recognized as specialists in technologies and frameworks like Java/Spring, AngularJS, ReactJS.

In our day to day work, we are constantly being challenged to adapt and the flexibility we gained by doing so has always paid off. We have acquired experience from the variety of areas of expertise we have been working in, expertise that encourages us to say that whatever you need, we can do it right.

Our quality code speaks for itself.

A glimpse at our experience in the field:

Data management platform for state law firms.


9 specialists


2 years + (ongoing)


Spring, SpringBoot, Hybernate, Oracle, MsSQL, Angular 2, HTML, CSS, TypeScript, RSA, OAuth2, JWT, Symmetrical/Asymmetrical, Encryption, DB Encryption, Maven, Gradle, solr.


A platform that manages data for state law firms. This means managing addresses, files and everything that a court records. The platform also provides functionality for public reading of the files and full-text searching for the information in the files and the documents attached.

Cooperation details:

  • model: dedicated team (out-branching)
  • model: dedicated team (out-branching)
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