We support our partners' initiatives to develop top healthcare solutions in their quest to save lives and improve healthcare services around the world.

Small and medium-sized providers of IT solutions for the healthcare industry partner with SHE to benefit from top quality software development, our innovative approach, talent and cost advantages. When working with medical organizations, we learned that our cost advantage comes in handy, allowing them to focus more on research than on operational efficiency.

Our experience in security has been quite valuable to our clients, as healthcare platforms and portals require proper security mechanisms.

A glimpse at our experience in the field:

Prevention portal for practitioners and their patients.


5 specialists


4 years + (ongoing)


Java Core, Spring 3, Spring Security, Stripes (MVC framework), JSP, Hibernate, jQuery, Maven 3, AndroMDA 3.4, server Tomcat 7, DB Server Microsoft SQL server 2012.

Cooperation details:

  • model: time & materials (nearshoring)
  • methodology: Agile Scrum


The platform allows the recording of patient data and their automated analyses based on questionnaires. The system is multilingual, designed for international use and currently supports the German and English languages.

We designed the portal for various categories of users, such as physicians, healthcare professionals and patients, who use the system to fill in questionnaires and check the scores of analyzed questionnaires. In addition, there are the portal's administrators, who create and manage accounts, create accounting lists, etc. The system supports new questionnaire integration through the dynamic component of the questionnaire engine and has a component for automatic calculation of questionnaire score.

Our team has been involved in the development of all the modules, from questionnaires to translation tools and user management.

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