Life at SHE

At SHE you will find the nice and friendly atmosphere of a large but tightly-knit family. Since we are still closer to small than middlesize, you will easily get to know all of your colleagues and make new friends.

Stability is one of the great things that working with us guarantees you. Being assigned to a single client of ours, without having to jump from one project to another unless you expressly request it, ranks high among the reasons for which our colleagues love working with us. This will give you the chance to grow fast and steadily and to hone your abilities in the fields you love most.

In addition, you will have the summer fest, autumn fest, Christmas fest, ski fest, all these cool events that end in "fest". We do a lot of them because we like to meet and have fun together and do team bonding. "Fests" are definitely not the highlight of our offering. At SHE you will enjoy excellent training programs and certification plans, as well as substantial benefits. In short, you're fully covered.

Last but not least, you will be working with open-minded and relaxed people who communicate well and with a 5* management. The icing on the cake is that we have one of the highest retention rates in the region, which says a lot.


Make sure you check our job openings page, as we update it regularly. Or simply send your CV to , if you're a techie.


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