25 mai 2020
What we’ve learnt in times of quarantine

Since working remote has become the norm, we ‘ve been faced with the need to adapt to a totally new working environment, some with kids around who need to be home-schooled, others with little or no physical contact with friends and family.

New times call for new ideas, so we’ve decided to spice up our routine and invited some of the best professionals in their field to share some of their tips to improve our perspective on isolation and make room for new ideas and habits.

Cristina Varo – therapist, coach and trainer shared with us some of the hidden reasons why we react the way we react in times of limitation. We’ve taken a look at Maslow’s pyramid to understand why some of our needs are not met during isolation and continued with the difference between the internal and external reality and how our personal perception can actually change “our” reality. Then we moved on to tips and tricks and how to include small changes in our routine that can make the biggest difference.

Dragos Pop, actor and comedian , opened the conversation around the way our online communication can be restricted by the lack of the non-verbal and paraverbal communication elements and how we can find ways to tackle this issue and improve our communication via online platforms. On top of all that, Dragos made sure that by the time we left the zoom meeting, we were all joking and laughing out loud. Talk about a mood switch!

Lorand Szabo, personal trainer , filmed some training sessions designed to work our muscles at home, with no need for specific training equipment, in other words, the perfect routine to activate our body in times of quarantine. Some body weight exercises created quite some competition among our colleagues, ending up in a photo contest. Goal achieved! We’ve been able to connect better and make sure our communication channels among the team are wide open.

We’ve been constantly trying to keep connected during these times and these activities really made a difference.

What are your tips and tricks to remain connected and positive during lockdown?