Your benefits

What are you going to benefit from?

A strong and reliable software development partner like SHE Romania will let your company focus on its core competencies and achieve remarkable results.

We have access to highly qualified developers, specialized in both mainstream and niche programming languages. The high quality of the university education and the competitive IT environment in Cluj-Napoca shape outstanding developers that deliver excellent results for their companies.

The benefits that our customers and partners enjoy from their partnership with SHE include the top service quality, flexibility, agility and the focus on transparency. The high customer satisfaction and customer loyalty we have been experiencing indicate the importance these benefits have for our clients. By constantly improving our performance and following industry best practices we aim at enhancing our clients' benefits "package".

The linguistic capabilities, access to modern architecture, technologies and methodologies, as well as our open book approach play an important role in our clients' decision to partner with us. We are good at keeping the best talent, having one of the highest retention rate in the region.

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