Why IT Outsourcing to Romania

Why Romania?

Romania's attractiveness as a software outsourcing location has grown tremendously in the last few years, as companies shifted their focus from cost to quality and efficiency. Romania's dynamic outsourcing market is becoming more and more attractive for companies from North America and Europe.

Romania's cost competitiveness comes from a combination of factors, which includes multilingual workforce, technical expertise, soft skills, easy access from anywhere in Europe, as well as the top class IT service infrastructure. Romania ranks 6th worldwide on Internet speed. This makes the development and communication process fast and efficient.
Cluj-Napoca, one of the major IT hubs in Romania, has ranked 1st in Romania for the quality of life in 2015. The universities here have over 5000 engineers on their benches every year.

Cluj-Napoca, also known as "the heart of Transylvania", is evaluated as an ideal outsourcing location for reasons such as the city's:

Talented developers

Universities and IT hubs cultivate IT talents. We have over 800 computer science graduates every year.

Top skills

Technical excellence, innovation, talent and confidence. These are some of the characteristics that best describe Romanian IT professionals. Companies invest in their people, giving them access to training and certifications. Romanian developers are proficient in English, French, German or Italian and are very good communicators. The more qualified and talented the engineers, the less setup investment and management input they request, keeping client expenses low. Romanian developers are very good at understanding requirements, adapting quickly to changes and coming up with innovative technical solutions. They are not afraid to speak up when they have an idea and are happy to contribute to a better solution based on better project specifications. They are not just executing, they are contributing and appreciate collaborative projects.

Work ethics

The work culture and business ethics are similar to those in the Western world. Romanians are well educated and creative. The experience gained abroad makes them adaptable and proactive.

Easy access

Just 2 or 3 hours away by plane from most of the European capitals, Cluj-Napoca is an easy to reach destination. There's also the timezone compatibility, with a maximum time difference of 2 hours between Romania and other European Countries. US clients and Romanian providers have a 2-3 hour overlap during the day, which makes collaboration possible.

Highspeed internet

Romania ranks 6th worldwide on Internet speed. This makes the development and communication process fast and efficient.

Competitive Rates

This is one of Romania's strengths in software development outsourcing. Companies like SHE are focused on offering the best quality-price ratio. New outsourcing models have been introduced recently to increase flexibilty and keep service quality very high.

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