Leaders in software engineering

Marius Cimpean CEO SHE Cluj

CEO SHE Information Technology Romania

Marius is a software architect with 15+ years of experience in software development. He has been working with SHE as a freelancer for 5 years, before initiating a joint venture for the SHE Romania branch. Marius has been leading the SHE Romania office for over 5 years now, exceeding the company's financial and business goals and establishing SHE Romania as one of the leading medium-size software development providers in Transylvania.

Dr. Carsten Stockmann Management Board

CEO SHE Informationtechnologie AG

Dr. Carsten Stockmann was the youngest IT manager of a DAX corporation and was awarded a number of prizes. In 2004, the magazine "Computerwoche" and Gartner granted him and his team the "Users of the year" award. In the same year, he became one of the "CIOs of the year", a prize which he once again received in 2008 for the development of Mayflower. The "Handelsblatt" magazine awarded him the "Career of the year" in 2008. Carsten joined SHE Informationtechnologie AG in 2016, bringing his contribution to the amazing growth of SHE and strengthening the focus on quality, above all.

Ulrich Engelhardt Founder and Owner of SHE

Founder SHE Informationtechnologie AG & Co-founder SHE Information Technology Romania

Ulrich founded SHE Informationstechnologie in 1987, an innovative IT services provider. The company grew until 2015 up to a 18 million Euro annual turnover and is the central part of various entrepreneurial activities of Mr Engelhardt. Today Ulrich is internationally active as an entrepreneur in various innovative companies .

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