Cost transparency

What about the costs?

There are a number of particularities that make SHE Romania special. Of these, the most significant by far is our full cost transparency approach in software outsourcing.

We created our out-branching model in 2012 to complement the quality of our services with transparency, a service feature that was rather uncommon among software development providers. Since then, we successfully built numerous dedicated teams for our clients, helping them reduce their development costs by up to 45%, while achieving and even exceeding their goals.

In a nutshell: we build your own software development team and we run it for you, while you pay Romanian salaries and taxes and have access to our books. The team reports directly to youand you have full freedom to decide how they spend their effort.To make things even better we will handle all the administrative issues,from space office, bookkeeping, utilities, office supplies, internet, security and work safety to medical insurance and recruitment.

With this modern approach to outsourcing, you're in for a positive experience. Guaranteed.

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